Davidson Global Advisory Group Inc. provides business strategy, risk and security advisory services with extensive experience in the regulated and high-value/volatile sectors. We provide strategic advisory services from the executive office to the boardroom with a proven track record of security consultation within the regulated cannabis sector in Canada and abroad and is partnered with many of the top professionals in the industry.

Over the past 3 years, the Davidson Global team has provided advisory services to high risk and responsive organizations across Canada and around the world. One area of focus for the past 3 years has been commercial cannabis license applicants and Canadian federally-licensed Cultivators/Producers. We have advised on risk, security (design and operations) and regulatory compliance issues. We have consulted directly on more than 140 retail sites across Canada and the US and continue to support our clients in countries around the world.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory Cannabis License Holder/Applicant Support through compliance/audits, security system/design review, attestation/evidence packages.
  • Cannabis Retail support through site reviews, compliance package customized for each province and security related SOP’s.

  • Specialized Government Relations & Advisory, Investor Due Diligence, Business Continuity and Industry Specific Strategic Advisory services

  • High value/high risk security advisory and support services

In today’s regulatory and political environment, choosing qualified, well-informed and proven third-party advisors has never been more important. The best consultants in an emerging industry with complex regulatory requirements are those with the most hands-on experience working with government, in close quarters with the regulator. Davidson Global is the team with that experience.